Do You Want Your Words to Change The World?

No matter what some might say, words have power. Words can influence, inform, and inspire.

Words can persuade your fellow humans to do some amazing things.

Maybe you don’t believe it when you write your blog posts, but your words can change the world.

If your words can change the world, it might be best to write with that goal in mind, right?


Your writing must give your readers something to believe in.

You know that nasty, frustrated feeling of being overwhelmed by something? It feels complicated. It feels kind of scary. It feels like it’s going to be very easy to mess up.

For readers who are feeling that same kind of overwhelm, give them something to believe in. That they can do this. That they can keep moving forward and get over this stuck spot.

Whether you’re telling a grand, heroic story or just solving a frustrating problem, the concept is exactly the same.


No one will care about your writing if it smells like bullshit.

If your readers suspect you’re trying to sell them something they don’t want — whether it’s a product or an idea — you’ll lose their attention forever.

That’s why your words must be authentic.

“Authentic” doesn’t have to mean sharing intimate details of your personal life. (In fact, if you could refrain from letting us know what your cat had for breakfast, that would be awesome.)

But it does mean that you have to believe in what you’re writing. You have to let a piece of yourself shine through in your words.

You have to give a damn.

The ones who change the world with their words are not afraid to let authenticity into their writing.

It’s all about mindset

Picture this.

You write a blog post. You pour your heart out. You edit the post until you can’t even stand to read it anymore. It’s the best thing you ever wrote. You are proud. You have done your best.

And it gets close to no likes, no comments. It does nothing.

It’s easy to feel cheated. To feel as if the world owed you something for your time and effort.

The truth is that maybe your post is brilliant, maybe it can change the world. You just shared it with the world at the wrong time. Wrong day, wrong hour. It didn’t click with enough people.

Maybe the idea is great, but you didn’t believe enough in it.

You still listened to the critic within and this shows in your writing.

That is mindset. And mindset is everything.

This is what I spend a lot of time working on with my clients. The way you think about your words, about your impact. The way you act when no one reads your blog.

I’d say that the following two things are important right before sitting down to punch the damn keys:

  • Believe that the words you’re about to write can (and just might) change the world.
  • Write as if those words are going to be your last. Write only about the topic, the idea, and in a manner that reflects that. Ask yourself what is it that you’d write about if you knew you could never write anything again?

The world gets changed one person at a time. One reader who is a little bit different after reading your words than they were before.

If you’ve done your job well, that one reader will share your words with one more reader. Then two, then ten, then a hundred.

That’s how the world is changed. One person at a time.

So how about you?

What idea will you spread?


16 thoughts on “Do You Want Your Words to Change The World?

  1. “It’s easy to feel cheated. To feel as if the world owed you something for your time and effort.”-
    This line definitely got to me. Most especially when I was doubting myself.

    “That is mindset. And mindset is everything.”-
    But this line got to me as well. Mindset is everything. It is only when you think your work is worth reading, other people would also realise this as well.

    I finally got to heartfelt feedback I needed. Feels like I can take on the world. Thank you for the encouragement.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It pisses me off. Hahaha! If it was really my last moments I’d stop writing and be with my family. This is brand new territory for me. But I understand what you mean 😉 100% get it. My blog has been about trying to maintain my authenticity hahaha


  3. I know how important to our psyche it is to garner feedback for our work so, here is some for you. Thanks for your post. You raise many good points. It is tough to produce, what I may think is good work, and have no one respond. It can be discouraging, for sure. But, you are correct to suggest that trying different publication times or varying the length of your post might be helpful. But, the beat advice of all is to stay true to your Voice. If you lose faith in your vision then, you are really in trouble. I believe in positivity, optimism and kindness. Hopefully, this shows through in my work and that, eventually, more and more followers will be attracted to my offerings. Thanks for your wise words.

    Liked by 1 person

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