The 3 Principles of Effective Blogging

Do you want to learn to blog in a way that goes beyond just conveying information and helps people to take action on what you’ve written?

Well, of course you do.

The truth, the brutal truth, the kind that most people won’t like to accept is that it’s all about these three principles.

That’s it.

Three things.

Master them, and you’ll be able to communicate your ideas clearly with your readers.

The three principles of effective blogging are:

  • Give your readers a message
  • Make them care
  • Give them a way to remember it

That’s it. That’s all it takes.

Give your readers a message

I suspect many bloggers work pretty hard on this principle– we craft our posts carefully and work hard on communicating clearly – but perhaps the other two elements are things that could lift posts to the next level in terms of getting people to actually take action on the things we write about.

Giving a message means we ourselves need to know what we’re trying to convey and what action we want readers to take at the end of posts. If we don’t know what we want people to do, it’s pretty hard to get action.

It’s also about communicating clearly and giving people a call to the action we want them to take.

Make them care

When someone cares about what you’re writing – they are a lot more motivated to take action on it.

When someone cares, they’re more likely to tell someone else about it.

When someone cares, they’re more likely to respond to you with a comment.

Communicate something to someone who doesn’t care and you might as well not be communicating at all!

In other words, it’s not just what words are being written/said, but also who’s doing the writing/talking. And who’s reading/listening.

But how do you make people care?

I think it partly comes down to showing people how what you are sharing applies to them as well, how it will make some aspect of their life better, inspiring them with a picture of how things will be once they’ve done something – it’s about getting people in touch with their feelings, fears, motivations, values, desires, and tying them to what you’re communicating to them.

Give them a way to remember it

Have you ever read or heard something that inspired you to go away and take some course of action…. only to promptly forget to do it? I do it all the time.

Sometimes I don’t take action because I change my mind, sometimes it is because I get busy and sometimes I just forget to do it.

It’s one thing to communicate clearly what you want and to get someone to care about it – but a whole other thing to get them to actually take action. A big part of closing the deal is to give them a way to remember what it is you want them to do.

These simple principles are not easy to follow. Heck. There are millions and millions of ways to enforce every single one of them.

How do you make people remember your posts? How do you get them to do what you want them to do? Do you create a sense of urgency or do you get them so obsessed with your thoughts and ideas that they can’t get them out of their head unless they take action?

Lots of variables. Always room for improvement.

But this is the beauty of it. The art of blogging.

It’s a never ending creative process…


5 thoughts on “The 3 Principles of Effective Blogging

  1. Thank you, Cristian! These three general principles are very helpful. I believe the best “enforcement” mechanism also depends upon the type of blog/website. Whether you are writing about your personal experiences, sharing how-to’s, or commenting on political news (like myself), the style and technique has to be meaningful and impactful for your readers.
    Great content and insight as always! 🙂

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  2. Yes, you’re right, there is definitely always room for improvement! In your Blog the other day you talked about writing for yourself, and that if you love what you are writing about, then it will show in your words, and that readers will see that and are more likely to to engage with you. I guess it’s about building a rapport with like minded souls and connecting. Yet, it’s not about the likes but feeling happy with what you are doing/writing. If you are happy with what you are doing, it must show hopefully. I shall try hard to remember these three principles and put them to work and hopefully get better as I go forward. I’m enjoying your Blog and taking on board these little gems of wisdom. Many thanks! 🙂

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