Authenticity Is The New Black

There’s this element of blogging that is not often talked about, even though it’s important and determines a blogger’s success.


Because it’s difficult to explain, almost impossible to change, and there’s no clear formula, step by step guide…

What is this element?

Well… it’s your personality.

Who are you? Exactly?

What are the words you’d use to define yourself it a complete stranger were to ask you this question?

What about your true self? When does it come out? Does it ever? Who are the lucky few who get to see who you truly are?

The last four questions are fundamental to your success as a blogger.

We humans are strange. We are born and then we die. And in between we try to force one another to live in a world of many rules, most of which are absurd at best. Sometimes it feels as if the man who is willing to compromise, to tell pretty words that aren’t true, that is the man who is rewarded.

We are taught to fit in. Not to be too loud…

It’s better to say nothing than say something stupid. And you must never, ever admit that you don’t know.

Yet, and here’s the paradox, we love those who are unapologetically themselves. Who are loud, eccentric, passionate. Who love what they do, who love life, who say what’s on their mind, regardless of the consequences.

In other words, the world pays their price.

Blogging is no different.

The blogging world will ask you who you are, and if you don’t know, if you’re not sure, if your voice quivers for just one moment, then the blogging world will be more than glad to tell you.

And odds are you won’t like it.

Just be yourself.

This seems like the most useless advice ever, but it’s important.

Be brave enough to be yourself when writing your blog posts. Be honest. Be true to your core beliefs and values.

If someone disagrees, that’s not your concern.

The less you give in to social pressure, to the critics and haters, to your idea of trying to please everyone or at least not to insult them, the more successful you’ll become.

Yes, think of your reader, and think of what they’d like to read from you, but don’t sell your soul in the process, don’t try to play it safe…

A lot of bloggers don’t want to win. It’s just how it is. They just don’t want to lose. They are willing to lie to themselves in order to feel like they’re not losing.

Just be yourself. Be honest. With yourself and with your readers. Tell it how you see it. Don’t try to sugar coat it, don’t try to play it safe.

Write your heart out. Write with passion. That’s what people want to read. That’s what people love to read.


17 thoughts on “Authenticity Is The New Black

  1. So true – and it does take courage! I especially appreciate your point that some bloggers just don’t want to win and they don’t want to lose. Authenticity is an ongoing journey – and not for the faint of heart!

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  2. courage is rushing into a fire to save a child. We all think we are breaking down walls, but are we? I am not pointing fingers I am saying it is easy to say “be yourself”.. it is much harder to actually be yourself, but you should. We (humanity) discovered the planet neptune in 1846, it has not completed one Single orbit of the sun since we discovered it, think about that, realize how small we are and be bigger than the constructs around you. I am not saying I am, I am just a dude trying.

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  3. Reality is transparent and lacking the value of worthy discovery.
    Authenticity validates Reality When Understand becomes what one seeks. The reality that everything we know ends on the last page of every book. Knowledge is temporary, always changing. Understanding is revolutionizing authentic, real.
    Authenticity Really is my gift.
    Understanding is yours.

    ~ Bella

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  4. I don’t know what people say I am as a blogger, but outside of my blog, people typically see me as this shy, smart person. However, I’m well aware that whenever I do talk, I’m pretty loud and I do things I’m not aware I’m doing until someone tells me, like talking under my breath or making noises with my lips. So in a lot of ways, I’m pretty much a weirdo who loves writing, reading, video games, and adult coloring books. But I’m also striving to be a better person who learns from their mistakes and works on those weird things I’m not aware I’m doing.

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