Your Guide to Becoming Famous Online

Odds are, no one knows who you are. And more than likely, they never will.

How can I say that with such authority? Easy.

There are hundreds of million of blogs out there.

That’s a lot of noise, a lot of competition.

Lucky you, I’m more than happy to share my 10-step path to dominating online obscurity once and for all …

1. Give stuff for free

If you’re an up-and-coming blogger, your problem online isn’t about money.

It’s about visibility. Rather, your lack of it.

Giving stuff for free is the best way to show others what you’re all about, persuade readers to spread your work, and reach more people than writing cute blog posts aimed at pleasing the SEO gods.

2. Guest blog

Writing guest blogs is all about mindset.When you start out as a blogger, your tendency is to keep the best stuff for your own blog — and send out the half-backed mediocre work to others.

My suggestion to you is to offer your best writing to the others. Yup. Whenever you write a blog post you’re really proud of, send it out to a blogger who has double or even triple the readers you have.

3. Dominate the comments section [of popular blogs]

Yes, it’s time consuming. And you’re not alone if you’ve experienced it. I’ve fought this inner battle before: I don’t have time to leave comments on other people’s website.

Truth is, you can’t afford NOT to interact with your fellow bloggers, especially the ones who are the big fish in your own pond.

But let me warn you: It’s not as simple as “Hey, nice article” one hundred times a day. If you want to build rapport with the most popular bloggers in your niche, grab a few of their readers while you’re at it, then it’s necessary that you leave thought-provoking comments.

And ALWAYS ask questions.

Online influencers lead the conversation with questions. You do the same.

4. Promote other people to promote yourself

It was Zig Ziglar who said that you can have everything you want in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

Yes, I admit. 99% of people are self-centered, stuck on auto-pilot, on low-vibration, operating out of scarcity.

And, paradoxically, this is why you have to fight this mode and use higher brain functions to find folks who are doing wonderful things and share their work with the world.

Write blogs that showcase their work. Spread their work on social media. Interview them on your blog.

5. Go Social.

Maybe you don’t like it, maybe you think it’s the devil’s… whatever… you need to use social media not only to interact with people, find new readers for your blog, but also to make friends with them in different circumstances.

And to do the following: show them a different side of you. Of your blog.

6. Use different platforms/media

Think Atticus. His success is on Instagram, in the real of micro-poetry or whatever two sentences that rhyme is called.

Someone else might dominate a Twitter, while a lot of us don’t really.

Maybe you’ll find you’re great at recording videos. Taking great photographs. Interviewing folks.

Who knows?

Maybe a podcast.

The thing is… don’t stick just to blogging. Try different things, different platforms.

From Medium to Wattpad to sharing GIFs on Tumblr…

You never know.

7. You have to think like there’s no box

Don’t just think outside the box and improvise in a rather conventional manner. Think like there’s no box at all.

There are no rules, only suggestions.

Impossible is not a truth, but rather a dare.

What can you do that will make you and your blog stand out? Think unique, useful, urgent and ultra-specific.

There is a tendency to think “build the blog and they will come.” The sad truth is we are all are in a big pond. And we are all small fish.

You need guts if you are to dominate even a small bit of this impossibly large online world. Think big. And then think bigger.

And then be fearless and go find your readers as if your life depends on it…

Come think of it, it kind of does. Your online one anyway.


13 thoughts on “Your Guide to Becoming Famous Online

  1. Given me a lot to think about, Cristian. I’m mostly using my blog to interact with my immediate circle of friends, but I do want to share my content with a wider range of people. I’ll have to keep this bookmarked to come back to for ideas. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I so much agree with this. There was a time that I dominate bloggers comment sessions, & my followers drastically increased on a monthly basis. Though its time consultant, especially when you work and blog at the same time

    Liked by 2 people

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