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When I told my blogging friends that I wanted to start a new blog to help others with their blogging, they all said I was crazy.

“Isn’t blogging dead?” asked my real-life friends, oblivious to the fact that blogging is still what I do for a living.

And, to be frank, just a few months before launching The Art of Blogging I had spend all my money on buying vlogging gear and transition towards the land of Youtube videos.

I was certain that blogging was dying. The world wanted less mentally strenuous ways of absorbing media, and that would eventually mean the end for blogs.

This was back in January 2018.

Nine months later, there are seven million more hosted blogs. But they all feel it. The ones who are just now starting out. They feel like they’re late to the game. The Internet is such a crowded place these days, it’s impossible to stand out anymore.

So… yeah… is blogging dead? Dying? On life support? Should we pull the plug and become vloggers instead?

Well, let’s find out, shall we?

  1. 10,109 WordPress readers in five months.

This blog was launched on the 28th of April of this year. It took about four days to get to the first thousand followers, and then three more months to get to five thousand.

Five months later, we’re celebrating over ten thousand readers on WordPress…

The stats…

So, is blogging dead?

I think that by creating this blog, reaching ten thousand readers and well over a hundred thousand views in five months, this means that blogging is not dead. Yet.

Oh, I forgot to thank you all for reading my words, and for your wonderful compliments and comments, and for making me feel like my advice is helping you become better at this blogging thing.

Back to blogging is dead…

I think not. I think that’s how journalists might have felt when television became popular. Or even when the radio was invented…

The truth is that the written word is not only an effective way to communicate, but it’s an essential one. Technology can do a lot for us, and I strongly believe it helps, but there’s something about the written word… and if you’re reading these words, now, I think you agree.

The written word is intrinsically tied to the stories we tell ourselves. And that’s not going away anytime soon.

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  1. According to what I’ve observed in China, Blog, which was once really popular several years ago, has already jumped the shark.

    Today, people in China are more intersted in apps like Weibo (a social platform like twitter), Moments on Weichat (where we interact with friends and family members), Dou Yin ( a video app), etc. They are more amusing, convenient and easy to kill time. As a research shows, the attention span today is generally no more than five minutes. There’re so many new things competing to catch people’s attention.

    However, as you say, blog will never die. In China there are still plenty of people reading and writing long articles on websites like DouBan and JianShu. The develpment of technology is bound to impact traditional media and lifestyle ( which were once new things), but most of them will not die because they’re essential and people still need them.

  2. Personally, I wouldn’t perceive blogging as dying, instead resurrecting. Depends on one’s essence of blogging and the kind of content one writes. If one’s ulterior motive for blogging, is to gain popularity or engage thousands of readers within a short time, one is likely to give up easily when those expectations are not fast materialising.

    But, for the sake of knowledge being shared and knowing fully well that it’s helping someone out there, I wouldn’t think blogging will ever die, because we all have those unique ideas, knowledge and wisdom burning within us and we must air them out, because speaking for myself, that’s where I derive my joy from.

    Blogging can only die for those that misconceives the essence of blogging, and thus didn’t meet up their expectations.

    • Nzube, I fully agree. But I know it’s different for those who are seeking to make a living from blogging, versus those who aren’t. There’s a lot less pressure for those of us who just blog to “touch” people or teach them something.

      If I have something to say that might help someone in some way, even if just to put a smile on their face in an otherwise rotten day, I might as well use this venue (while I can). And if I do “reach out and touch someone” (as the old phone commercial used to say), then that’s success.

      I see it this way: If I run into someone in the store, let’s say, who I don’t even know, but we share a few words and both walk away feeling a little better than we did before, it’s the same as if I had posted something on my blog that he appreciated and “liked” and commented on, and I replied. It’s the digital world of communication that picks up on the slack of the real world where I probably won’t meet, say, 20 or 100 people in the store, but only one.

      And I know that WordPress doesn’t record every single one who sees my posts b/c Likes can come from where Views are not recorded. Therefore, I know there are a number of people who read my posts where Views are not recorded who I don’t know about, who didn’t click on Like, but nonetheless read what I wrote. And THAT is all I’m looking for, like an artist who wants his or her paintings to be seen, if not necessarily “Liked” or Commented on :- ). How many times have you liked something and not said so? Lots. But I digress.

      Thanks Cristian and Nzube!

  3. Blogging is never dead

  4. Blogging is not dead congrats for 10k

  5. Thank God you didn’t listen…lol keep up the good work

  6. Thank you for the the good news!

  7. I do not think blogging is ever going to die. There are all different types of blogs out there. Blogs and kind of replaced books. People prefer to jump online and do their reading. I am so happy to hear that you did so well with your blog.

  8. Congratulations on reaching this milestone in such a short while.
    Joining the blogosphere this January, I might have stepped into a very competitive and supersaturated field.
    Yet I have the advantage of pro bloggers like you who are very generous with help and
    I think there are so many bloggers out there that they form 99% of anyone’s readership.
    Hence the comments that new bloggers like me get become more valuable.

  9. Hi there. Sorry I’ve not been blogging for a while. Real life things get in the way. Sometimes. Hope you get plenty takers for your offer. Feels sad, having no disposable income – but only being a personal blogger and unable to earn money in jamas [sic] – well, if (or when) i ever have a clue, I’d gladly sling full fee for quality of your advice and expertise. Is blogging dead? I doubt it. ‘Just a storm in a teacup’. All social media platforms are suffering for the influx of commercial interest. Youtube eats a lot of data. My ISP has been a nightmare for ages, overcharging etc. Gone to the wall at mo. Handy mobile hotspot, budgeting data use, can get quite a lot out of it – just out of habit of keeping up with blogosphere. I’ll look forward to seeing you in my inbox again and I’ll try and get back to my blogging frenzy again soon. Distracting. Great post as always. Stay safe and keep well. Love and best wishes to you and yours. Take good care of yourselves all. Cheers.
    PS.[note to self: return and comment better…]

  10. I feel like blogging will never die as long as there are people in the world who love the written word and want to find somewhere to express that. Also, as long as there are people who love reading because blog posts are something that can be read and are something people can learn from. As someone whose always looking to learn and grow, I find blogs to be a great source to go to whenever I’m looking for a personal view or to find someone who sees things differently than I do. So to me, I believe blogging will never die as long as there are people in the world who not only love to write and read but who have a thirst for knowledge and use blogging as a way of gaining knowledge from others like I try to do.

    • I agree w/everything you said about blogging. My only problem w/it these days is that keeping up w/writing for my blogs (2) takes the time and energy I have that I could be using to work on the sequel to my novel or other writing projects.

      • Yeah, I understand that. I don’t have two blogs so I can’t imagine how much more writing you have to do verses only having one.

  11. Impressive!! 🙂

  12. I think blogging is a great way for people to practice their writing and communication skills. Being able to express your thoughts and feelings out in detailed words is a good way to better improve yourself. That’s why I do it. My topic is always horror movie topics so I know it has a limited fan base. But I like knowing some people enjoy my content.

  13. Nice post! Keep up the good work!

  14. Reblogged this on The Artist From the Inside Out and commented:
    I love this. I fully believe that the written word is NOT dead. And my wife and I talk about this all the time, and even if it is DEAD I don’t care,I will never give it up, and besides, it will revive as everything seems to do.

  15. Not yet dead! Congrats..

  16. Blogging lives for this very reason: the platform is NOT exciting. No jiggles or wiggles or flashes or changes or intrusive ads. Just us, our words and photos and conversations. It’s a safe place to express yourself and meet friends, thank goodness.

  17. I think getting enough followers to follow your blog and getting them to participate helps keep blogging alive.

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