The Definitive, Incredibly Short, Easy-To-Follow, No-Bullshit Guide to Blogging

Imagine you’re a soldier at war. Fighting in an enemy city, being tasked with clearing buildings. You’re the first one to walk through the door. Behind it, there could be an empty room, a bunch of civilians, or enemy soldiers. The room could be booby trapped.

Now, my question is this:

Does it matter how you open the door?

If you do it confidently or fearfully, if you analyze all the possible outcomes, if your hands shake, if you want to kick the door to anounce death that you will not give up easily.

It would seem that the outcome is the same, right? After all, it all comes down to blind luck.

Does fear, does pain, does uncertainty fade away if you go through life in an undignified manner?

Does your lack of confidence magically go away if you keep telling yourself you don’t know what it’s all about, that this whole thing is rather dissapointing, that you don’t have the time, the energy, the money…

If you worry, would worrying delay the outcome? Or the only thing it does is give you the impression of doing something while actually doing nothing?


Enough with this rather vague intro. I promised this would be short, so here’s the definitive, incredibly short easy-to-follow, no-bullshit guide to blogging:

Punch the damn keys.

Write each post as if it were your last. If you’re not feeling confident, it doesn’t matter. Punch the keys. Write, write, write.

Just do it, and keep doing it, regardless of how you feel.

But realize and know deeply in your heart that whenever it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, crying/worrying/complaining/doing a poor job does not make the weight go away.

There’s this rule of the one percent that is true in almost any environment, be it war, life, art, or blogging.

99 out of 100 bloggers don’t belong here. They never did. They are lukewarm, wishy-washy, afraid to write what’s in their hearts and souls.

Keep that in mind, and ask yourself, are you the one?

Are you?

If yes, stop complaining and punch those damn keys.


10 thoughts on “The Definitive, Incredibly Short, Easy-To-Follow, No-Bullshit Guide to Blogging

  1. ah, it really really does matter how you open that door, lol. My husband is a Green Beret, so he actually trains guys to blow doors and clear rooms. So Every time we watch a movie with some guy just busting in and leaving things to blind luck he makes all kinds of disapproving noises. So you can have all the heart and courage in the world, but if you have no idea what you are doing, you’re only setting yourself up for failure (or getting shot or blown up) But I do agree that fear hold too many people back from doing that blog they always talk about. And that they should indeed jump in and “punch those damn keys.” But a little research before never hurts, so when you are ready to push that publish button you’re not just left OTF. (out there flapping)

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  2. Normally, I’d just delete emails of this nature but when I saw the topic I was just too curious. I love the way this article was written, it’s like a discussion and not a fairytale. Some of us as writers keep doubting ourselves, we put ourselves down before anyone else can and as such we stay cooped up in this little shell called our mind. This article is aggressive, yet so motivational which fits my personality perfectly. Keep it up Cristian! This article was exceptional! Keep winning!

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    1. Yes, Courtanae, I liked the aggressive, motivational nature of this blog, too. I think it resonated with my “Red” type of bold personality. So, I am punching those damn keys daily and sending it boldly out to the world. I hope you are, too. I need to check out your blog.

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