How Not to be Boring (as a Blogger)

There’s something you need to know, and I’m afraid you’re not going to like it.

Your blog is putting me to sleep.

I gave it about three seconds of my attention…

Nothing grabbed my eye. No headline inspired me to read. No images drew me in.

And here’s the thing: it was easy for me to rid myself of your insipid writing, your bland blog. Closed my Internet Browser and that was it.

It doesn’t have to be that way. A few tweaks here, a little more effort there, and your website will stop me in my tracks.

Here’s four ways not to be boring for you to try out this week. This will not be boring…

1. Never forget it’s about me. So speak to me!

If it’s me you’re trying to reach, let me know by tailoring your writing and design so it connects with me.

Find out what angers me, and write about how to fix my problems. Find out what I’m passionate about, and share everything you know about the topic.

Learn what keeps me up at night, and figure out how you can restore my slumber.

If you’ll do that, I won’t be able to resist reading. I’ll become a frequent visitor, and I’ll know you’re speaking directly to me when you write.

2. Use a bit of color

Why’s everyone so afraid of color?

If we had to print our blogs instead of displaying them on screen, I could understand the hesitation. In print, color costs money.

But this is the web. We have millions of colors available to choose from.

So pick two.

Why only two? Using two main colors (not including black or dark grey text) is a great way to visually brand a website.

It’s easier for visitors to remember two colors. That’s one reason sports teams use two colors.

Don’t be afraid to use colors to establish your personality as a blogger.

3. Break it down

You may have a lot to say on your topic. There’s nothing wrong with that, but please, please do it in a way that I can effortlessly read it.

It’s frustrating to arrive at a website only to be greeted by walls of text with no line breaks, no subheads, and a scrollbar that gets progressively smaller as the page loads. Reading sites like that feels like a chore.

The solution is easy. Stick to one idea per paragraph. Keep them short: three to four sentences at the most.

Spend time writing good subheads, too, because many readers will scan your subheads to decide whether or not to invest time reading your blog post.

4. Do not be afraid to be a bit bossy

You’ve drawn me in, you’ve held my interest, and I made it all the way to the end of your post. Now what should I do?

Tell me what you’d like me to do next. Should I share your post? Do you want me to sign up for your newsletter? Or perhaps you’d like to hear from me in the comments?

End your posts with a clear call to action. I can’t read your mind.

Undoubtedly some of you are going to be like, “I just want to write. I don’t want to market my blog. I don’t care if anyone reads my blog.”

These techniques don’t take a lot of effort.

The first one takes some thought.

The second is a one-time decision.

Numbers three and four are simple habits you can adopt.

From zero to hero is all about changing one lousy letter.


16 thoughts on “How Not to be Boring (as a Blogger)

  1. Hah! I love that: “From zero to hero is all about changing one lousy letter.” And creating a popular, meaningful blog is all about reading others, evaluating, listening, contemplating, writing thoughtfully with the reader in mind, editing to create the perfect text, selecting a good title, creating subheadings, choosing the right tags…. etc. etc. etc. No simple process this blogging business! But sites like yours help us bloggers keep working at it. Maybe someday we’ll have a “True Awakening” and it will all come together. You think??

    Liked by 1 person

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