Should You Blog Everyday?

Let’s be honest.

Rules are not that important.

Personally, I’ve never been much of a fan, not because I am some sort of rebel, but because you can always break them. If you look closely, you’ll find examples of folks who ignored some rules and still became successful.

As if rules were meant to be broken.

Take this blogging rules into account:

  • Blog posts should never be over 350 words
  • If you want to post articles, you should move to another format
  • You must post every day

Hey, as a guy who blogs on blogging, I’ve certainly got no problem with blogging advice, but I’d certainly like it to contain the following: it depends.

It depends on your audience, your goals, your resources, and what works… right?

When it comes to blogging advice, I try to stick to fundamentals of solid writing. Ultimately, blogging is just a platform.You’re either writing something compelling that resonates with readers, or you’re not.

Should you blog every single day?

Probably not.

But it depends.

It depends on your time, energy, on your topics, your blog’s format…

It’s also about your level of commitment, what you want out of it, if you want to earn a living from blogging…

But what do you think?

Should one blog everyday? Why?


55 thoughts on “Should You Blog Everyday?

  1. Well i think it’s a matter of choice, if it fits your time and routine daily. I have no problem blogging everyday because it’s a passion, but to some people i think it works for them best if they blog two to three times a week. Also creating content takes time for some people, so they tend to create a good content and post. I enjoy this piece, practical and straight forward..

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  2. There are topics suitable for a short daily post. Posting every day does not work for me. My short stories are 1,000 words, so I don’t have time to write one every day. I also like to read other blogs, and posting every day would take time away from my doing that.

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  3. I think blogging every day is a good idea, I mean if one is not too content conscious… I used to do it that way when I was just simply journal writing when I was a lot younger but found it too difficult to keep up. Well, the writing, no problem… the things to write about that was my major dilemma. My life wasn’t as interesting as I thought it was. LOL but really cool advice.

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  4. I once heard that it’s 30% content and 70% promotion, which means if I blog everyday ill probably have to go on promoting all of my rsther write 2 or 3 blogposts every week and promote them efficiently.i love your blog as usual, keep writing helpful stuff like you do.<3

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  5. I’ve only got into blogging in the last 12 months and didn’t blog every day, it was more of a monthly thing. Im currently doing a travel blog though and talking about my past 2 weeks, so I’m doing a day by day blog….don’t know if its a good idea though? But I enjoy it 😊

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  6. Like you alluded to, I think it’s a personal preference. If you have the time, energy and creativity to blog everyday, then by all means, go for it. But if you are writing just for the sake of writing, and not producing interesting or engaging content, I would recommend cutting back to fewer posts per week, and really focusing on the content, rather than the quantity of blog posts you are churning out.

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  7. If you feel creative enough to do it every day and you have a lot to talk about, why not? But it isn’t a one size fit all. People should just to try not to spam the reader with random posts, that is all.

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  8. My response will be: ‘it depends’. I’m a hobby blogger, but I set themes. I also work full time, and my few readers need time to get to posts. So if I post every day, I’ll end up alienating people. Now, for a news blogger, or someone whose posts are shorter? I feel every day works just fine for those (and some other) cases.

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    1. I like how you mentioned how blogging every day can alienate some readers. It’s always been talked/thought about on a personal level; what is best for the blogger themselves. Thank you for pointing out that what is best for the reader is also important when deciding to blog every day or not.

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  9. If you are just starting out, you might want to blog maybe every other day to build an audience and blog bank of posts if it’s your first blog or one you’ve just created.

    Yes, if it’s for income blogging regularly makes sense because you are “clocked in” for work. Most blogs allow you to schedule your posts, so learn the platform of your blog hosting site. So, those blogs making money blogs I follow usually blog like 3-2 times a week.

    Over time frequent posts is very necessary, but as a writer I’m going to schedule some post here and there while I focus on my manuscripts. I may not post for weeks or a few months at a time, but when you come back to your blog after a short break, blog about what you’ve been doing and plans in the near future. And, if you’re a writer, WIP (work in progress) status.

    Blogging regularly is healthy, and depends on your time and life responsibilities.

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  10. I go through different seasons, I’m not blogging for an income…yet… it finding my voice is still taking time. anyway I’m on a season where I want to write more. Probably because it’s summer and I’m a teacher so who else to I have to teach now?!

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  11. You should if your content is of “importance” to your blog. If its just to have one more posting definitely not because it will be annoying.

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  12. I think this is very good advice. Especially for someone like me, who has a hard time staying committed. I especially like the “should be no more than 350 words,” because let’s be honest, after about that amount of words, we tend to get impatient with reading, and skim the rest of it.

    Thank you.

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  13. I have saved a lot of articles that would be fun to share which means I could probably post 5 times a day for a year and not use them all!! No, I don’t think blogging daily should be a ‘must.’ Each blogger needs to go with what works for them. I agree with keeping them short, but don’t always do it myself!

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  14. Definitely depends on the blog. I am blogging for the purpose of finding me again and I LOVE feedback from others, but it’s not absolutely necessary… I also blog in spurts, sometimes every day, sometimes not. I’m fairly new to this platform, had a personal blog on a weight loss site several years ago and miss the feedback and accountability from others. I’m not sure if I want to blog for income, not sure what that would entail.

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      1. Really, I didn’t know that. So, when someone reblogs your blog, it might call attention to Google and other search engines? Seems to me that would help with developing a greater audience, right?

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    1. I haven’t heard that either, but I’m gonna start watching my word count much more, I think its because people skim articles and post for the information they want most of the time so a shorter post is more digestible.

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      1. I prefer the shorter posts myself! But if you search it, you’ll find a bunch of articles saying Google ranks longer articles higher – 1000 words or more! Because they contain more info. I try to keep it a nice mix of long and short, although I don’t think any have reached 1000 lol

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  15. It takes to much time to write/post every day. But depends on what you write/post. And the language too.
    I tried to write in my language (Portuguese) and English, but in longer posts it’s complicated the translation part. But it’s not impossible. Only if you’re doing this 24/7, like a job. In other case, it’s difficult.

    What i do, in general, is scheduling posts for a week or a month if I have time. And during the days, I manage the stats, comments and interact with others. In case of something interesting that make sense to post imediatly, I schedule it for the next hours where I don’t have other posts.

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  16. I don’t blog every day, I do work on blog post 5 out of seven days a week, but I have so much going on that two or three post a week is a good area for what my website is built for. Since my blog is aimed at promoting and helping young authors, once or twice a week is good enough for now, but that just me.

    This is my go-to website when I need a little bit of push or want to learn something new about what I’m doing on my website.

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  17. I couldn’t blog every day even if I wanted to. My job won’t let me.

    Plus my writing process (from the blog post idea stage to the final editing stage) takes a lot of time. I’m good with my current routine of blogging weekly.

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  18. I suppose it depends on what you intent is. I started blogging for the very reason that I wanted to motivate myself to write more consistently. There may not always be time for every day, but it is helpful, I think, if you love writing, and I do, to try to write something as often as possible 🙂

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