Ask Me Anything!

Hey guys,

Cristian here, and I just thought we could have some fun until the new e-book drops.

Ask me anything blogging related in the comments section below, and I’ll do my best to offer a proper reply. Anything you’d like to know about blogging, getting readers, monetizing your blog, and stuff like that.

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21 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything!

  1. My wife has been working on a Fitness Blog. We have the website setup and been trying to get a following. Which we dont have. We’ve been using Instagram right now, but no one seems willing to follow the blog. It’s starting to get a bit disappointing but we are still working at it. We are looking to monetize at some point. Their is pressure because I maybe out of a job in about a year and a half. Hope this is enough info for any advice.

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    1. 1. A year and a half is a lot of time.
      2. Don’t just use Instagram. Use all social networks.
      3. The best way to look at it is like this: it’s not what you get, but what you give. Put emphasis on that. Add value, give your readers a reason to stick around. For instance, what am I doing right now? Offering people the chance to ask questions, and get some advice/opinions/etc. Am I gaining something? In a sense,yeah. From comments to traffic, but I am first offering them something, and the emphasis is not on that. If I had written a post with the aim of getting comments, I’d probably have gotten very few of those.
      4. Now, if you add a lot of value to folks, you still need to promote your blog. This means to reach out to other bloggers in your niche. Don’t just advertise, but build genuine connections with them. Have fun. Comment on their content, ask/give advice, ask if you can guest post, ask them if you can interview them, etc. The readers will come.
      5. In order to monetize, you must sell something. But this is after you have offered folks a lot of value for free. It’s just the basic business model of the blogging world.
      6. Experiment. Try out different ways of doing things, different types of content. Do not be afraid to think outside the box.

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    1. Best ways to gain followers: give them a reason to follow. Give them reasons to keep being subscribed. Connect with other bloggers. Add value, and you’ll get readers. It’s that simple.

      No. There are plenty of folks who read blogs. Some by the way of search engines, others have WordPress acounts, but they never create a blog of their own.

      Never quite analysed recipe blogs. It might be true. But it could also be that a lot of their posts get downloaded/printed out for the same reason. It could go either way. After all, even my philosophical posts got printed by a few folks and then read over and over again.

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      1. Thanks I was just thinking of the recipe blogs because there are SO many that I mark as a favorite and reference and reference when I make the recipe. I probably click on the half baked harvests blog about a million times myself just because I use the ipad in the kitchen and need to pull something up to see how much of something I need etc.
        Thanks for the words of wisdom! I like following your blog and have gained some interesting tips so far…especially the “give something for free” recent post. I recently started to do it and people have liked the idea!

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  2. Thanks a lot for this generous step! I have just two doubts.

    1) Can you please give some effective tips to publicize your blog? I have a blog for an year and I write a post around every two weeks but I have a very few followers. Recently I got to know from another great blogger that people won’t flock to my blog by themselves, instead, I have to give much more time approaching other bloggers than I give to my own writing!

    2) Also, only if you have time, can you give a quick review of my blog design(I have redesigned my blog recently) and the quality of posts that I put on them, by viewing just a few featured posts?

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    1. 1. Try to post more often. Better content. Find readers. Interact and connect with folks in your niche. Use social media. Try different things.
      2. I am not a big fan of white on black themes. Don’t know. Make reading a bit more difficult. The posts are really short. Okay…ish… I am not inspired by the titles to read them, and there’s not much to make them stand out. If I go on the WordPress Reader I could find about a hundred just like them within the hour.

      Here’s the trick: there are millions of blogs. Tens of millions. Hundreds. So much information, entertainment, social media, notifications, all of them begging for our attentions.

      If you want readers, you’ve got to go out there and find them, and you got to do your best to stand out from the crowd. Punch the damn keys. Find your fire. Write with true passion. And then the readers will have plenty of reasons to stay.


      1. Not really. You can start monetizing from the get-go if you want, but income will always be dependent on your traffic and the trust your audience has for you, and this takes time.

        Also, there are certain traffic requirements if you want to enroll your blog in WordAds. Or you can simply purchase a premium plan from WordPress which allows you to monetize ads regardless.

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    1. 1. Find the top bloggers in your niche. Connect with them. Read their content, comment on their stuff (like real comments, not some fast stuff meant to get others to click on your blog).
      2. After you’ve established rapport with said bloggers (meaning they know who you are and they like you) you can ask them the following: if you can guest blog on their blog, if you can interview them, if you can link to one of their posts from one of yours. Odds are they’ll say yes to some of these requests. Odds are they’ll link back to you, and their readers will see this.
      3. Use social media. Different types of content. Different rules.
      4. Make a newsletter. Offer a freebie to get people to subscribe. Grow your list, then send out weekly e-mails about your best posts, what’s new, updates, stuff like that.
      5. Submit a bunch of articles on really popular blogs, or try to post something on Medium. The more sites linking back to you, the better in terms of SEO Ranking.

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  3. Christian this is really kind of you to do. I wish you the best on your ebook and all of your endeavors. I want you to know that I have learned a great deal from you on how to put the readers needs first, connect with others and put more passion into my writing. I thank you for helping me. I believe that I am getting better at not talking so much about me and focusing more on what my readers need and/or want. I would appreciate any feedback that you have but know that I do understand if you are busy. Thank you once again for everything.


    1. And a Facebook page. If time allows, you can add a new element to your blog, do different things, share different kinds of media. Stuff like that. The topic stays the same, so you’re reaching the same type of audience, but coming at the with a different angle.

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    1. Same rules apply. Try to figure out what sets you apart, your personality, and add that to your posts. It’s all about the way you view things and how you choose to write about them. I’d also try to come up with some original take on the old book review blogs. It’s a powerful niche, indeed, but over-saturated by the same type of blogs.

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