Your Blog Needs a Tagline

Do you struggle to get people to read your blog? Do they rarely turn into loyal subscribers?

The truth is, even if your content is brilliant, you could still be alienating potential followers by neglecting one or two other aspects of blogging. If a key element on your blog is either inadequate — or nonexistent —  people could choose not to follow your blog.

As of lately, I’ve been reviewing blogs, helping my clients take their blogging to a new level, and I’ve noticed one element missing most of the times:

The tagline.

Yes, readers do look up at your blog’s header, especially when first visiting it. They don’t know this virtual place yet, so they’re hoping your blog’s title and tagline will fill them in.

Your tagline is a key piece that indicates what your blog is all about.

It’s like a street sign.

And you wouldn’t want a street sign to be so misleading that you get lost, right?

Imagine your new blog visitor looking up at your header — your road sign — and wondering, “What is this blog really about?”

If your tagline is either non-existent, a random statement, overlong, or vague, your reader can’t tell if your blog is really for them. And confused visitors are visitors who leave, often never coming back.

When you’re a new blogger trying to build an audience and not an internationally known brand name, your tagline is a critical piece of real estate for communicating with both readers and search engines.

How can you create a tagline that helps your blog attract just the sorts of readers you want and turn them into loyal subscribers?

Here’s what to do:

1. It’s all about the topic

The tagline goes beyond the information we get from your blog name. If that name is a bit inscrutable, the tagline explanation is completely key.

Ah! So this is about blogging. If you’re a blogger, aspiring to learn more about the craft, to get motivated, to grow your audience, then this is the kind of blog you’d like to read.

If you’re looking for tips on travel, then you’d move on.

2. It’s (also) all about the Reader

Yes, readers are kind of selfish. Kinda.

They want to know if your blog is going to help them somehow. If it’s the right thing for them.

A reader wants to be entertained, to connect with others, or to learn something new and useful.

That’s about it.

So what’s your blog all about?

How does your blog help your reader? In what way?

3. It’s (also) all about you

Your tagline is also the ideal place to give us a sense of your writing style. Are you funny, sarcastic? Serious?

Do you have a catch-phrase you use often in your posts?

Write (and rewrite) that tagline

If you’re not getting the kind of feedback you want, it’s time to write a better tagline, or edit the one you’ve got until it accurately describes what your blog is all about.

I know it’s not easy to sum up what your blog is about in a sentence or so, but it’s well worth the effort.

Show your potential followers you know them, clue them in about your topic, and give them a taste of your writing. All in one sentence.

That’s a sure way to attract the readers you want.


20 thoughts on “Your Blog Needs a Tagline

  1. I just cannot decide on a tagline, so I’ve deleted, added and then deleted it again and again! But you make some good points here 🙂 Until I think of a great one, I’m going to have to content myself with my recent blog posts telling viewers whether my blog is for them!

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  2. Hi Cristian! Thanks for your daily tips. I find them very helpful. I can see that a “tag line” is an important tool to help readers know what your blog focuses on. Is it the line that shows up under your blog title? My blog is JanBeek. I think you’d call “Love One Another” my tag line. Am I correct?

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