Why Do You Blog?

Quite a simple question.


What’s the goal? The purpose? What’s your motivation?

What keeps you going?


65 thoughts on “Why Do You Blog?

    1. Writing in a blog to build a future audience for the novel you’re writing is such a good idea. I’ve never heard of a person doing that, but if I ever want to write a book one day, this sounds like an excellent idea!

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      1. I think so. People wait until they’ve published a novel, and then start to build a platform – but that’s going to make marketing that much more difficult. Also, I feel that those are the people who end up sending out links to their books all day on Twitter, without really doing the groundwork first. They’re often not intentionally “spamming”, but they come across that way. 💖

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  1. Really, I guess my answer is that I just enjoy collecting my memories in writing. I started my blog as a result of a conversation with my parents. They’re in their sixties and (this may be morbid but I’m that person who thinks years in advance) I started getting worried about when they pass away and I no longer have their stories with me.
    I asked them if I could send them a question about something from their life every week that they respond to with a story that corresponds.
    I was having fun with it and decided to open it up to the community. Why not post a “memory” prompt for others to respond to with their own stories? And even if others don’t want to join in, I have fun writing down my own memories in the post, responding to my own prompts 🙂

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  2. I love to write… I can’t express myself verbally so I express my feelings through my poems. I blog to share my thoughts & my experience and at the same time to understand this life or to learn from others.

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