What Keeps You From Writing?1 min read

Today we have a simple question that will likely draw many different answers from different people.

What prevents you from sitting down and writing?

What’s stopping that great blog postcompelling article, or even bestselling book from pouring out of your mind and onto virtual paper?

Don’t be shy, step up and have your say.


  1. Fear of failure and wasting my time.

  2. The right motivation.

  3. Sometimes it has to do with the fact I get uninspired or motivated to write or even blog. I just spend the day doing somethinf opposite to my normal daily schedule. I think it has to do with the fact of self perception and the mood one is to write or not

  4. Sometimes, it’s not having an idea, or at least not having one that I feel I can form fully into a post, as I tend to prefer organizing my thoughts in my head before sitting down to write them. Lately, though, there have been a lot of times I just didn’t feel like writing. Ever since I finished my self-challenge to write something every day in July, my motivation has been oddly low.

  5. To be honest, I often have a fear of it not being worth it. I publish new posts once a week and invest a lot of time into every single post I write. With minimal results (little better after I adopted your tip).

    Its hard to keep going, BUT to me the most important thing is to NEVER give in to fear.

    Self-Belief is my fuel.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  6. Me as a person and my mind. I say both of these things because I know I’m extremely hard on myself and give into my own doubts easily. I say my mind too because along with what I just said, I get inside my head with everything I do. I tend to question every decision, every choice I make and I know that sometimes affects me when it comes to taking the time to write. I doubt my abilities as a writer, wonder why anyone would want to read my blog, that type of thing. But then whenever I do end up writing, I find myself pushing those thoughts and feelings in my mind away in an effort to prove myself wrong, to show that I can in fact do this. To show that people do actually enjoy my blog because if they didn’t why do I have any followers at all?

  7. I fear the way I lose all sense of time/space in the creative process. Worse than YouTube or series binging, I neglect to shower, eat, look up so often and it’s 3:30 AM. And now, tomorrow’s meetings are jeopardized by endorphins coursing through veins as I persist to perfect some paragraph in a piece still unfinished. In the end, I have no finished work, and my whole work-life balance is in a shambles. If I could learn a way to break up the creative process, do bits and pieces of it in fits and starts.. if I could stay sane.. then I wouldn’t be so afraid to start a thought, trusting myself to finish it later.

  8. Honestly I start every day thinking that I’m going to start or finish a post, but then I always end up finding excuses to avoid writing. Then by the time I get everything opened to write, I’m already tired or short on time. Sometimes I really can be my worst enemy when it comes to writing. Oh well, I still think I get a lot done!

  9. Mood swings I would say.

  10. Life. Time to write as to be carved out of preserved.

  11. That is a good question actually, for me what stops me from writing would have to be my mind and lack of self confidence in myself, i’m always overthinking everything and when that happens it puts me in a mood of becoming unmotivated and not wanting to do anything and that would also be one of my worst habits, I let my mind control what I do and it stops me from really giving myself a chance to be good at something like writing…….

  12. Over-thinking and getting distracted.

  13. Time .. plan to do stuff on weekends. But they are more hectic than weekdays 😦

  14. Blogging is not a problem (I have myself conditioned to believe the world won’t blow up if I do after sharing writing on FB). The book in me? The one that’s almost done? *shudder* The fear that’s rising is centered on other people’s opinions, like, “What authority does SHE have to comment on that?” Or “So-and-so said it so much better…this is ‘meh’ at best” or “What an ego trip” or “She screwed up in THIS way, so she sucks rocks.”
    Probably MN Nice/Lutheran Shame in complete overdrive. I am a Professional Anxiety Person.

  15. Marianne Kwiatkowski
    Marianne Kwiatkowski

    Lack of organization/commitment. So many of these comments ring true to me. I just need to carve out a time in the morning, before the demands of the day get me distracted. And then I need to stick to it.

  16. My schedule with work and college makes it hard, but I still get in a weekly post.

  17. Over the years, clutter has stopped me writing. Recently, I’ve been decluttering around the home which motivated me to write a few blog posts about it.

  18. Time and people. But, being OK with the season of life I’m in helps me appreciate the time I do end up carving out for writing. Those hours are often very precious and I can crank out what I need to then.

  19. Nothing! But then, sometimes I blather and wonder if I should have kept silent instead. How’s that for honesty?

  20. Honestly? What keeps me from writing is having nothing to say. I’ve learned that writer’s block isn’t just an inconvenience that comes and goes upon a whim. There is an underlying reason.

    Mine lately is that my creativity has run dry. I need to feed it; to find new experiences that give rise to new thoughts. Right now my tank is empty and the words are flat.

    It’s that struggle that led me to your post as I searched for interesting blogs on WordPress. Reading, living, and challenging myself… That, I hope, will revive my urge to write.

    Until then, I keep trying even when the results suck.

  21. The lack of an idea that’s completely new.

  22. I’m afraid of failing, no one will like or read my post. Sometimes I don’t know what to write about.

  23. Mm…good question/ In the main…work…I have a great deal of ‘writing’ to do in my day-to-day work. I teach medical English in China, and this involves curriculum development, lesson planning and a great deal of writing feedback to my students.

  24. My grammar, I’m nit really good in English and I’m afraid to be judge but right now I’m trying my best.

  25. If anything can keep you from writing, you should probably let it.

    Writing a book will consume at least a year of your life. If whatever you’re going to write doesn’t have the strength to drive you for that long, and get you past all those things that can keep you from writing, hang it up. There are many other ways to enjoy creating something.

    (Having said that, I’m writing my 19th book. Sometimes that guitar in the corner calls to me, but I make it wait a while.)

  26. For years I fought back against what I knew to be true in some vein attempt at rebellion. Everyone from middle school classmates to battle buddies just knew that I was going to be a famous writer. Problem is, in my mind, I felt like I had to prove them wrong. (This isnt to say that I think I’m the next Stephen King) So I didnt write anything. Nothing. I avoided writing for years and years and years until what natural talent I had was covered up with life. Atrophy set in on that part of my brain, and when I decided a couple of years ago that I was going to rekindle that spark, I realized it wasnt there. Not that my passion for writing left, just my ability to be clever while doing so. Turns out that what qualifies for exceptional in 6th grade, it little more than legible as an adult. When I realized I wasnt as “good” as I thought I was, I got frustrated and stopped again. But I love writing, and so now I just write, and let experience be my reward.

  27. Nothing 🙂

  28. I can write and write and write. My problem is when I have to stop and there’s still so much more

  29. Myself! I make excuses. I just posted on this, because I’m getting back into a writing schedule.

    I have to be okay that I’m not going to produce the best stuff all the time. Even when I’m out of ideas, I need to keep writing.

  30. Overthinking, over planning for sure

  31. Fear… that voice that swells up when you reach the conflict and the setting is laid and the characters are in place. And now all that is left is stripping back the flesh on your nerve and then driving it into the paper.

  32. It’s definitely more about not knowing where to go with whatever story I’m writing at the time, even if I have the overall story arc planned out, something comes up and I find myself wondering if that’s the best way to go. I’ve only recently been able to bury those considerations and just run with it.

  33. This is a great question, Cristian!

    Sometimes I find it far too easy to use the old 9-5 job as my excuse, using that over used ‘I have no time!’ Complaint. It wasn’t until my partner’s grandpa told us his story of opening up a shoe shop in his youth. ‘If I didn’t have time, I made time!’ He bellowed and proceeded to chuckle to himself. Bless that man.

    Anyway, I figure I would make time myself. So I rocked up to a cafe near work everyday an hour before I clock on, just to get some writing done. Now, I’ve finally written that book! I’m now up to editing, and never realised how long that process can take…

    • Editing can take for the rest of your life, if you are not careful.

      There’s got to be a moment when you just let it go. Art is never finished, only abandoned.

  34. Beautifully written.

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