We Could Use Your Help Right Now

Ever had a dream? A vision? This strong image inside your head that kept you awake at night? That helped you survive on less sleep than usual? Something that your mind had imagined into existence and you wanted to make come true so, so bad?

Well… that’s our situation right now.

This site is growing at a rate of about 100 new readers every single day, which is more than we hoped for when we first started this.

And we want to do more. To build a genuine community, to help folks reach more readers, become better bloggers, and to develop an artistic sense of what is what and what works with what.

Also, we’d like to be able to do more.

Cristian badly needs a new laptop, so he can release new e-books, courses, and free content. Nice poster-style layouts that you can print out and glue to your door/wall/fridge. Stuff like that. Graphics intensive stuff.

Also, the new upgrades we need for the website cost about $250 per year.

In total? About $2,000 required.

You can help us out by donating any amount you see fit here. Consider this a tip, if you will. You buying us coffee for the help we have offered. For the info. For the good and bad jokes.

So, yeah, if our content ever helped you in any way, inspired or motivated you, or made you keep on blogging when all you wanted was to quit, do consider giving us a small tip here. It’s going to be put to good use, and upgrade this website in so many ways.

Also, you can help us out by purchasing one of our mentorship programs here or here or even here.


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