What Blogging is all About

Blogging has many benefits. And it can be a great way to earn a living, to inspire others, to change the world.

Blogging is also about problem-solving. Helping others to fix certain issues, to grow and evolve, to overcome obstacles in their lives, to become more productive, etc.

But, ultimately, and if we are completely honest with ourselves, blogging is simply about people.

That’s it.

Blogging is a way to help us connect with each other. To discuss ideas, concepts, events, art, other people.

Blogging is entertainment, education, and engagement.

All three at the same time.

All great blogs provide them. All great blogs offer them in the easiest and most reliable way possible.

Blogging is not about money, about numbers, or statistics. Blogging is not about SEO, traffic, rankings, but rather about people. Actual people. People who are just like you, and they’d want to know that, they’d like to know there’s someone else out there who thinks and feels the same way they do.

Never forget this, and you’ll never run out of motivation.


13 thoughts on “What Blogging is all About

  1. I do not know if what I do is a BLOG or just me enjoying what I am doing. I enjoy a rebirth of words in my life, for so many years my jobs used acronyms much more than words. I am using more words now and I do not know if they meet the rules of proper English, probably not but I am making the effort. Comma’s and the like I know is weak but it may be back one day before long.

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  2. Love this I agree..I just love reading other people’s post to find out what is going on where they are. Sometimes you just create this connection and start creating a relationship. It is also a great way to communicate.


  3. This is a great thing to point out. I feel ya. Now that I have the time to publish content, I’m so happy to finally start sharing my writing connecting with people through my words.


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