The Most Powerful Blogging Technique Ever

Do  you want to become a more effective blogger? To write better, more engaging content?

Of course you do.

But you also want to blog in an authentic, conversational way, to make the experience enjoyable for you. Am I right?

Well, this one blogging technique might just do the trick.

Imagine a father coming home from work. Late. Too late. He’s tired, his spirit broken by all the work he had to do. He walks into his daughter’s room to tuck her in. She’s pouting a bit.

“What’s wrong, princess?” he asks her.

She tells him she is upset because Daddy has been working so much lately that he hasn’t spent enough time with her.

The father feels terrible for this. “Well… what if Daddy tells you the best bedtime story ever to make up for it,” he says, and holds his breath hoping she’ll give him a chance.

If you were to see the way her eyes light up, you’d know this is the answer — to make up for lost time, to bridge the gap between people.

Dammit, a great story can tear down walls, build them right back, even nudge the world a bit.

This is all that blogging is all about. Stories.

Stories about people just like us, who sometimes get to do things that seem impossible to us.

All great blogging is about the kind of stories we wish to live. All great blogging is about the kind of stories that you’d like to shout out to the world from the top of a mountain.

If you know a story you wish everyone else knew, then, by all means, blog about it. We’ll all be grateful for it.


20 thoughts on “The Most Powerful Blogging Technique Ever

  1. I always try and put my voice into my posts. At first I was a bit worried that I came across as “too” chatty/personal and that people might be a bit put off, but then realised that because my blog isn’t so much of information source as a discussion/creative forum, I thought… hey, why the hell not? 🙂

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  2. Storytelling is a great way to inspire and influence someone. It’s all about getting something across that evokes a little emotion inside someone. Once you have achieved that little thing, the audience is yours.

    Great post. Keep it up! 🙂

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