Patrons of the Art of Blogging

24th of April, 2012. Constanta, Romania.

A date and a place. A scrawny kid decided to start a blog. A date that is forever tattooed on this kid’s arm. He decided to write for an audience, even if he knew nothing about finding one.

It all seemed… difficult. Impossible. Like a dream from another life.

Yet he punched those damn keys every single day. Who am I kidding? He was writing with the equivalent confidence of someone whose voice is shaking.

He did not give up.

Even when he got 500 views during his first month of blogging. His total income amounted to $1.05 before taxes.

He kept writing, even though doubt would creep into his soul on his most lonely nights.

He kept blogging, writing about art, about books, about the things that inspired him, that set his soul on fire.

He knew one thing and one thing only: that he’d promised himself to never, ever give up. No matter what. He’d keep on writing, even if it killed him. Why? Because giving up on this dream would surely do.

That kid is me, and this is the introduction to one of my biggest dreams ever.

It takes a village

Ever since I managed to get a few thousand people to read my words, to comment on them, this has been a great dream of mine.

I’m a nineties kid, which means that I grew up with Internet forums and stuff like that.

Ever since 2012, I’ve been wanting to create a real community around a website of mine. Tried it with irevuo a few times, but it cost a lot of money, it was ineffective, and I did not have the time to fix all the issues that kept bothering us.

But now, it’s 2018, and technology has progressed a lot.

What do I want?

A community.

To build a community around The Art of Blogging. To create a forum where you can ask questions, and get answers from me and/or Jordan and from other members, of course.

A community, so we can all interact with each other, learn from one another, grow together.

That sounds fancy, but it’s true.

It’s fun to find like-minded individuals, and work together on your dreams.

I need your help to make it happen. So I can purchase all the upgrades that are needed, all the software, the hardware…

That Business plan alone here on WordPress costs $23.33 a month, billed annually.

Of course, the new stuff does not stop here.

More content, better content, more (free) e-books, more blog posts, and a new way to offer you the type of content that you need.

This is the hardware part. A great computer would help me be able to create interesting visuals, edit and format e-books faster, and create cute poster type stuff with the right kind of motivation, tips and tricks, and advice that you need.

This is what we need.

What do you get?

I’m glad you asked.

There’s going to be a page. Patrons of The Art of Blogging. Everybody who donates ANY AMOUNT via PayPal to this page here gets listed on that page. Their name/the name of their blog, a short description, and a link to their blog.

Have more than one blog? Contribute more times, and get all your blogs listed there.

That page goes at the top of our menu, gets advertised around, in the sidebar, at the end of certain posts.

That page containing the names of our Patrons will exist forever. And ever. And ever.

But here’s where it gets fun.

The more you contribute, the better is your position on the list. The person who contributes the most will be at the top of the list, of course. Our Top Patron, so to speak.

Want to get higher on the list, contribute more.

We thought it’s a nice way to raise the funds that we need, but also help you help us. Or help us help you. Something like that.

A win-win situation, in any case, considering the insane rate with which this blog is growing…

So, yeah, click here to become a Patron of The Art of Blogging. Any amount at all ensures that you get listed forever and ever and ever…


2 thoughts on “Patrons of the Art of Blogging

  1. Hi Christian,

    I enjoy your blog a lot and having just started my own, I learn a lot from you.

    This post is a perfect example and shows that “ community” means a lot to you. So thank you.

    And a question, can we contribute ongoingly? Or does your goal have an end date?

    I ask because I am on a budget as likely most everyone.

    Thank you, Jordan

    Liked by 1 person

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