What To Do When You Run Out of Words

Even though you do not want to think about it, there will come a time when you simply run out of inspiration for your blog.

You’ve been writing blog posts about the same topics for way too long.

You’re exhausted.

You just don’t know what to write anymore.

Not that you’re one to give up easily. You try to unblock your creativity. You start going back over old blog posts, rewriting them, trying to find new angles and new ways of talking about the same old thing.

You’ve talked about everything you know how to talk about four times over, from every conceivable angle. You’ve reworked all the posts you can. You are done. Finished. Finito. Really freakin’ tired.

Time to quit blogging and become a Starbucks barista, right?


It’s time to use your most human trait

What is that, you ask?

Well… empathy.

To walk in someone else’s shoes.

Try to imagine your topic as interpreted by someone else. Someone different from you. Someone who maybe even hates your topic, who does not care that much about it. Someone who is more interested in some other topic, yet can somehow relate to yours.

If you were someone else, how would you write about your favorite topic?

Writers are like a bunch of people…

Trying real hard to act like one person.

Make use of that.

Write from different points of view.

Imagine you’re someone else. Someone you never ever dreamed of being, or someone that you’ve always wished to be, but could never have the guts to become…

Write from the point of view of someone you’d hate from the moment you’d meet, or write from the point of view of a total novice in your field.

What would they want to write about? What would they want to know?

Someone who’s never traveled… what would they want to know about travelling?


Go ahead. Pretend you’re someone else. Toss around that topic of yours. How would you write it if you weren’t who you are?

If you cannot use your imagination for that, then you can always go talk to actual people. Go talk to someone older or younger than you are, go talk to someone who isn’t as cool as you are, or who is way cooler. Go talk to someone who has a completely different lifestyle, who lives in the city if you live in the country, who has more or less money than you do…

Long story short? When you run out of new ways to look at your world, go walk a few miles in someone else’s shoes…


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