Free E-book: The Ultimate Blogging Checklist

Hi guys,

Jordan here. I have a small favor to ask of you.

Let’s all be honest for a sec here, okay?

Once upon a time, you looked at blogging and thought, “Oh, I can do that. Writing a few posts a week? Piece of cake.” From the outside, it looks so simple, so easy, so fun, and so you rushed off to start a blog of your own.

But then you realized: this stuff is complicated. Blogging isn’t so much about writing blog posts as it is about juggling dozens of little odds and ends, all of them important, all of them demanding your attention, and all of them requiring you to learn something.

And it’s easy to drop the ball, so to speak, and not because you want to neglect anything, but because it’s too much to keep track of.

What you really need is a checklist of sorts – an itemized breakdown of everything you need to do to transform your blog and dazzle your readers.

That way, you can stop trying to handle everything all at once and just go through it one step at a time.

So, that’s what I created for you: a checklist of 52 things you need to do, along with some links to help you learn how to do them well.

This is just a sort of preview of the kind of content that you’ll be receiving if you enroll in our Blogging Bootcamp.

You can download the e-book here.

Also, only two spots available in this bootcamp, so if you’re interested, do check it out here.


19 thoughts on “Free E-book: The Ultimate Blogging Checklist

  1. Seems to me neither you nor Cristian accept that there are many bloggers who are not interested in building a long list of followers; I know a lot of them who, like me, blog for the love of writing, blog for themselves and a small group of bloggers who have become friends.
    Of course I accept that if someone wants to make their blog into a money making venture, as clearly Cristian and yourself do, it is necessary to build many followers.

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  2. thanks for the list. it is really good. So true, it is very hard to update the blog and read other blogs everyday. Sometimes my head spining because staring at the computer and reading too much blogs. Will try to follow your list. cheers.

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    1. Okay, the list is definitely helpful.
      I don’t have email, and I do need help with my blog, but I feel like looking for people makes it worthless as it takes away it’s intrinsic value…. 😦 I’m not sure….

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  3. I especially like the “About your content” section of the checklist. Its interesting, coming from a story-based blog rather than an information based blog like yours that the checklist for your content is the pretty much same as mine. Though I think I’ll try to incorporate #28. “Add a call to action to every post” into my posts. Its something really simple that I just never really thought of.

    Great read, helpful info. Keep it up man!

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