You’ve Read the Blog – Now Buy us a Coffee

Remember a time when you were moved to tears by a piece you read on someone else’s blog? Or were inspired to take action in a certain area of your life?

Maybe this happened while reading one of the articles on this blog. Maybe this one, or this one here.

If you enjoy the blog, if you like the articles, find the helpful, inspiring, motivating, do consider buying us a coffee.
That way, maybe we’ll be able to afford giving Jordan a raise — he’s currently being paid $0/hour.

Click here to be transported to this cool, virtual coffee shop where you can buy us a coffee as a sign of gratitude.


5 thoughts on “You’ve Read the Blog – Now Buy us a Coffee

  1. I like that idea, because it’s usually pocket change for those that “buy”, yet it can amount to more for the “received”. However, what I wonder about is if the site that hosts gets a percentage of the money received. And how much coffee do you have to amass to be able to drink it (i.e. withdraw money).

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