The 3 Step Guide to Amazing Blogging

What do you do in a world inhabited by well over 200 million blogs? Why’s anyone going to read yours?

Every niche, every topic, every angle has been covered. The competition for attention and traffic is fierce. But there’s still room for your blog . . . if it’s amazing.

A blog is trivially simple to start, but not so easy to keep rolling. There are so many factors — traffic, social media strategy, design, monetization. If you try to absorb everything at once, you’ll be too overwhelmed to keep going.

It’s important to learn and grow, but you also want clarity more than anything else. You need a plan.

If you make sure you don’t stray too far from these three points, your best path will get a lot easier to find.

Step 1. Know your readers

Your blog is not about finance or real-estate or politics. Your blog is not about your topic at all.

Your blog is about your readers.

Whether you’ve been blogging for 1 day or 1000 days, you need to know who’s showing up to read, watch, or listen to you.

What do they care about? What are they interested in? What’s worrying them? What makes them smile? Who/what do they lust after? What do they fear? What do they loathe? What do they cherish?

What do they secretly wish someone (maybe you?) would write about? What kind of content would feed their minds, their pocketbooks, or their souls?

You never have to pander to your readers. You’re not their slave. But you do have to know them.

Step 2. Do not give up on uourself

Blogs are about expression, and if you don’t show up in all your glory, there’s not much point to the whole exercise.

Shoot your mouth off, ideally when you know what you’re talking about. Rant, rave, shout from the rooftops.

And when you’re totally clueless, ask a million questions. Engage, pursue, reach out, investigate.

While you’re at it, go ahead and look like an ass once in awhile. Confess all the oddity and foolishness you’ve been trying to hide since junior high.

You’re the prism that your readers want to look through. Don’t try to create some kind of quasi-journalistic cloak of invisibility. You’re the point.

Step 3. Adapt. Improvise. Learn. Repeat.

What could you do that would make your job easier?

What are the current trends? What is the world moving towards?

Amazing blogs, and amazing bloggers, evolve.

Blogging is about challenge and mystery. It’s about never knowing who’s going to show up, or link to you, or what exactly you will do when your post gets featured on Discover and you receive some four thousand visitors in two days.

Blogging’s all about how you take the curves.

Just make sure you have a rough plan and a few grounding principles. Then get out there and have fun. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.


16 thoughts on “The 3 Step Guide to Amazing Blogging

  1. I love this. I had never thought about the anonymity of journalism, but you have hit the nail on the head. Journalists have to be perfect and get everything right, fact-wise, but bloggers can afford to be (need to be?) imperfect and take risks and put a bit of heart-and-soul into it.
    I have worried about whether occasionally I get a bit too political. I was once ticked off on a rose Facebook site for comparing a rose with Donald Trump (Jeez, sensitive!) My blog is about gardening, but I can’t help having the odd feminist or Trump rant, because these things permeate my life and affect my mood. I have had a couple of non-plussed comments, but those readers have come back for more because they like my blog. I like to think that in my little way I can expand the thinking of my readers: they might think they are here for the garden, but I slip a little anti-racist curved ball in every now and again!

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  2. Thanks for such indepth but easy to read information. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge to help, especially for someone like me who is just starting. Thank you.

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  3. Thank you for this post, especially Step 2. For the past couple years I’ve been writing my blog and then stopping and not posting until nearly a year later. I really need to stop being so hard on myself and that just may be the to do it


  4. I am new to the blogging scene and appreciate all the free advice given out by successful blogs. Your Step #2 really spoke to me and is something I need to work on. In the past I have only written academically and professionally in the workplace and feel like I need to find my voice again so I can “show up in all my glory,” as you put it. It is especially hard to be vulnerable and bring up mistakes you have made as that seems like it is sending the opposite message you want to send. It is really hard to bring up past mistakes as you worry about how people will judge you. I learned from those mistakes and that is how I am come to learn what does and does not work. I will keep your article handy when I start working on my next post.

    Step #3 is something I am trying to utilize in my blog. Current trends in dog training are changing as more research and science is uncovering for dogs. Out is the old dominance way of training and the current trend is Positive Reinforcement. New trends provide you with a great way to break into your topic as people are still trying to discover and find their way through these new trends.

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  5. Like many of the readers who have commented here, I too am new to blogging. Just trying to get my head around putting my best foot forward on the new blog. I really enjoy the tips/insights you are giving and I think the most important part in my “blogging journey” is to have a tangible plan on which I can progressively work away. Also love the point about not being afraid to fail sometimes – pick back up and learn from the mistakes!

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