Why Do You Blog?

Quite a simple question.


What’s the goal? The purpose? What’s your motivation?

What keeps you going?


32 thoughts on “Why Do You Blog?

  1. I just celebrated my 6th anniversary of almost daily blogging. Why do I blog? In simplest terms, blogging serves as a creative outlet for me, a way to express myself in my photography and in my words. It’s a way of connecting with some like-minded people who share my interests and also with people who are quite different and have other passions. It may sound like a bit of a cliché, but blogging genuinely gives me a sense of belonging to a larger community. Blogging has become a part of my daily routine and that routine is sufficient motivation to keep me going. I don’t compose my postings in advance. Sometimes I will have certain postings in mind or will have tentatively selected photos that I want to feature, but I do not write my postings in advance. Instead, in the early morning darkness, I compose my text and publish that day’s blog entry.

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  2. I initially started my blog to discuss books that I liked with a large community of other bookworms. Although I have a pretty diverse group of friends, family, and co-workers, none of them are readers. I always seemed to be chomping at the bit to discuss one book or another. What I found was that it’s not always so easy to dedicate time to write out your thoughts and post on a fairly regular basis. But then I noticed that it was pretty much a one sided conversation – I wasn’t getting comments or the discussions that I was hoping for. I wasn’t sure if it was my writing, or the fact that the blogging world is so saturated with book blogs. It was discouraging, so I decided to halt blogging. But now I’m getting the itch to start up again – even if just for myself. I enjoy writing, and although I’m not so skilled at it yet, I’m going to stick with it. My goal is to get myself into a routine of trying to write something at least once a week. If it’s just me talking to myself, that’s fine.

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  3. I do blogging so that i share my thoughts, my ideas, my creativity, my knowledge and my information with other people in the world.
    This is the best platform..
    Where through blogging the people from all over the world can read, like, and comment on your writing stuff, your thoughts.
    When i do writing, i fell stress free bcz in writing i write down my feelings and emotions..
    Writing is simply what you think and what you are..
    My motivation to do blogging is you people, when people like my posts and give me comments.
    This is motivation and this inspires me at great extant.

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  4. 1) To generate lots of love, integrity, and prosperity.
    2) Help people to become stable, self-dependent, interdependent, and reach their full potential.
    Given above are 2 out of 5 goals. A start for better future.
    All five goal of „Health and Creativity” was generated from one personal goal.
    To be remembered for many centuries even after death for good reasons.

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  5. I used to write humor just for a few friends. After my separation, I really only wrote for one friend. I’d always wanted to get published just because I like amusing people. Since it was never a commercial venture, one day I decided to just put my stuff on line.
    Now, in fairness, along the line I’ve been published in a magazine and done some paid work. But, those were essentially „gigs”…

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  6. I started blogging as a way of connecting with others in helping to motivate them into Living Intentionally. My writings integrate a life of Christian Faith with health and wellness principles in the hopes the topics I share may inspire hope in others in creating and maintaining a wholesome balanced lifestyle.
    The other reason I began a blog is that I have managed to overcome the results of what childhood abuse had done to me, in learning to leave my past behind and reclaim my identity in Christ.
    As I support a diverse population of woman, I am continually meeting those who have endured abuse, (childhood, partner, sexual) and as I discovered my own approach and methods in conjunction with counseling, in coming into being an authentic woman, my passion is to share some of what I learned, in my desire it could help others.
    My blog can be found on: https://lifecomesatyou.blog

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  7. Good evening dear,

    We all are located in different part of world, each individual have different type of knowledge and experience in life, autosuggestion, give awareness, awaken the sleeping souls that there is something happening around the global which we must be aware about in general.

    Many people under depression with their surrounding, life career give some encouragement, happy go life!

    Thank you so much for your time!
    Best regards

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  8. This is going to sound weird, but after going through some abusive relationships, I spent years feeling nothing at all. I used to write poetry everyday, and I just stopped. I couldn’t write anything because I couldn’t feel anything. But now I miss feelings, and so I write to slowly put myself back out there and peal back the layers. One layer at a time.

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  9. I blog because I love to write, and I like knowing there are a handful of people out there that enjoy reading my posts. I love the “Likes” and the Comments. And I love communicating with others when I don’t have to do it in person. 😉

    Sincerely, The Ultimate Introvert!

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  10. I’ve just finished by English degree and now that I’m not obligated to read and write I feel that I’ve lost something. Blogging about books and places I’ve visited allows me to regain the sense of success I had during my degree when I’d finish the reading list or get my essay back with good comments on.

    Sometimes I find it hard to think of what I write, and worry that because I don’t have masses of likes/follows that I’m not doing it right – but then I’m part of this whole Instagram/twitter generation that focuses far too much on things like that and have to remind myself that it doesn’t matter if nobody reads what I’m writing as long as I’ve enjoyed writing it!

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  11. Honestly, I find it fun. It gives me a focus, teaches me a bit of self discipline (I have a strict schedule I try and stick), and writing has been something I’ve loved doing since forever.

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    1. Hey Samantha! I blog for the exact same reason!
      I just clicked on your name to check out your post and it says “it’s no longer available”.
      I have seen this many times. Maybe you changed your blog name to a non wordpress site? You can change it in your settings. It would be a pity to loose many followers!
      Hope it helps! 🙂

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      1. My link doesn’t work? That’s odd. I did change my blog’s name, but everything seemed to work (like images and links to past posts and all). Thanks for the heads up! I’m going to look into it 🙂


  12. Ever since I’ve discovered Feng Shui, I feel like I need to share my knowledge with the world. It’s taking so long because I’m still trying to figure out my own style, what do my readers want to read, how should I approach the subject in an easily understandable way. There are tons of blogs out there on this subject, but I want my own make a difference. Thanks to your posts, I’m finally starting to get on track. Thank you!

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  13. I have multiple reasons. I need to throw up the ideas that I carry around, and I want to do my part to help stop the inflammation of the suicide rate.

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  14. I’ve got a group blog with a bunch of ladies who, like me, are looking to become publishing success stories. I blog every Saturday, and it suits me pretty well. It’s really nice to keep in contact with the ladies, who were also online classmates, and they have all sorts of great information about their publishing journeys.

    We were told that we’ll need to have an online presence when we publish “for real” (whatever that means), but quite frankly, it’s become more than some press exercise for me. It’s one of my communities. I just wish we could get more visitors active on our blog . . . .

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  15. I blog book reviews; this started because I read a lot, forget that I have read books, and start to re-read them. Then other people started ‘liking’ my reviews, which was flattering and addictive and led to some excellent reading and book related conversations. I only recently moved to wordpress as a blogging platform.

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  16. I like this question. Why do I blog? Simply because it’s the only thing that understands my emotions without having to judge me, instead it brings me to my creativity space and creates in me a hole in my heart that only words can fill.:)

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  17. I am new to the blogging thing and wasn’t sure what I was doing. I had thoughts and things and stories in my head that I wanted to work through and have always liked to write. My blog has become more of an online journal which is interesting considering I would never write things down for fear of people reading my thoughts. I guess blogging has given me a passage with a sense of anonimity that I don’t have to identify as anything other than a person. I hope to write more regularly and eventually a book, but taking it slow and learning as I go.

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  18. I started blogging to get my thoughts and feelings out- to identify them in a more solidified fashion. I was once well spoken and now deal with a lot of word blockage and some memory problems due to brain cancer, which caused me to hold everything inside. I felt like I was going crazy. Writing helped me get things out and I could wait or study if certain words wouldn’t immediately come to mind, unlike speaking. At first it was enough to just solidify my thoughts and feelings, then I felt freedom from getting them out, and now I’m starting to want to be heard. I’m writing about my brain cancer freeish everyday life perspective in hopes that it helps others dealing with post-emergency mode cancer and continues to heal me.


  19. Great questions. I blog as a creative outlet. I launched this blog when I was working at a job that I was underutilized in, which gave me a lot of idle time. I’m no longer at that job but I continue to write because I have something to say and like to interact with others discussing similar topics.

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  20. Answers: #1) To challenge myself in all ways related to blogging for #2
    #2) To help lizards & help people help and appreciate lizards. They are rarely respected as beautiful, intelligent animal friends. #3) I think it’s working one person at a time! How about your answers

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