How to Turn One-Time Readers into Avid Fans

Admit it. You’re guilty of checking your WordPress Stats more often than it’s healthy. And most times, a deep sigh escapes from your soul.

Why is your number of followers so low?

Why aren’t readers flocking to your blog?

Blogging is hard work, but what should you do when your efforts don’t seem to pay off?

Should you just keep writing regardless? Hope that things will change somehow?

You need a new blog strategy, not wishful thinking.

When your blog isn’t doing as well as you’d like, don’t simply step up your efforts. Don’t keep slaving away. Instead, take a step back and review what you’ve done so far. Do you have the right strategy to turn one time readers into avid fans?

If you want to create a simple blog plan that will help you win more readers, answer these four critical questions below.

1. Who is your one fan?

Obviously, if you’re into this blogging thing, you want more than just one reader. Maybe you want a few thousand, maybe even more.

But when you think about large numbers of readers, you turn people into a faceless crowd. And when you write for a faceless crowd, your writing becomes lukewarm and boring.

Do you think Stephen King focuses on millions of readers when writing his bestsellers?

In his book On Writing, King tells us he writes for one reader only — his wife. When he writes, he wonders, “What will Tabitha think about this?”

When you write for one reader, your blog becomes more engaging, personal, and persuasive. You’ll get more comments and shares, which will help you generate ideas for new blog posts.

Do you know your one fan?

Your ideal reader, your one fan, can be real or imaginary. Doesn’t matter. Can even be a hybrid between two or more people you know.

Try to understand this ideal reader far beyond demographics. Try to understand them on a personal level. Empathize with this reader, figure out what inspires them, what are their dreams and struggles.

2. Why would this fan read your blog?

This is something very few bloggers ask themselves.

Why would someone read your blog?

Your blog reader simply wants to know what’s in it for him. How can you take away his problems? How can you make him happier or more successful?

Try to finish the following sentence: My favorite fan reads my blog because I help him …

In other words, what’s your purpose?

Your why defines how you help your readers and keeps you focused on engaging and inspiring them.

That’s how your blog becomes a must-read resource in your niche.

3. Does each blog post help your fan?

Do you write for yourself or for your favorite fan?

To engage your readers and turn them into fans, you must write for them. You must write about the topics they crave.

Ask yourself as many questions as possible about your reader, their dreams, struggles, problems, etc. What resources could help this reader of yours? What questions might this reader have?

Stop creating content for the sake of creating content.

Instead, create content for your readers.

4. Can your fans find you?

This is where many of us get stuck.

Promoting content feels like this endless to-do list.

How can you promote your content without going crazy?

Well, the truth is that you should do the things that you enjoy doing.

Create a social media presence on the platforms you also love to use most, guest blog if you enjoy it, interact with the bloggers whose work you genuinely admire and respect.

There’s no secret recipe for effectively promoting your blog.

What counts is that you do something, that you actively promote your blog.

Here’s what to do next

Ready to take your blog to the next level?

Follow these steps:

  1. Create a profile of your ideal reader.
  2. Figure out your purpose and discover why someone would want to read your blog.
  3. Think about your favorite fan and write down at least 30 blog topics that they’d love to read.
  4. Review the way you promote your blog. How can you reach more people in the time available to you? Which activities can you cut? How can you experiment?

The simple truth about your blog

Of course you’d love to get more clicks, shares, and comments. But the truth is, these factors don’t matter.

Authentic engagement with the people who love your stuff is what matters.

Develop relationships with your readers. Put them first.

Your chance to turn one-time readers into avid fans

Does your blog strategy keep readers engaged with your writing and serve their needs?

How does your content help readers know, like, and trust you?


29 thoughts on “How to Turn One-Time Readers into Avid Fans

  1. Shock! Disbelief! Hysterics! An original approach to this topic! This is the first time I have read this advice applied to blog writing and I think it will be very helpful … because it’s true. It’s certainly true for novels and annual reports.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think you are right. Every writer should write to their audience, ‘ideal reader’, rather than to themselves. Profiling the ideal reader, to begin with, narrows down the topics. I love your 4-step-list and find it very helpful!

    Liked by 2 people

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