The Secret Recipe to Writing a Great Blog Post?

How do you write a great blog post?
Short answer: no one knows.
Yet, there are a lot of folks who’ll tell you that creating visual content, lists, or breaking down your content into easy-to-digest bits is the way to go.
Truth be told, no one really knows.

You write a post, you work really hard on it, you’re kind of proud of the end result, and it just doesn’t resonate just as well with your audience.
Maybe it’s just bad timing. Maybe it’s bad luck.
In the end, it all comes down to passion.
I keep writing this, because it’s really that important.
A great post is one you enjoy writing, one you enjoy reading it yourself, reading it out loud.
It’s the kind of writing that makes you feel something.
So the secret is simply this: make people feel. Don’t be afraid. Just do it. Make them laugh or smile or love or even hate your words.
Stand for something, don’t be afraid to state your opinion.
Blogging is not for people-pleasing.
Blogging is an outlet that allows you to write about what really matters to you and to connect with like-minded individuals.
Sounds vague, doesn’t it?
Because there is no recipe. Sorry to dissapoint.
There are no rules.
You are free. You can define your blog whichever way you like.
You can write whatever you want.
And if no one reads it, remember this: keep at it long enough, and someone will. One day.
One more piece of advice: if what you’re writing about doesn’t make much sense to you, then maybe you shouldn’t be writing about it.

8 thoughts on “The Secret Recipe to Writing a Great Blog Post?

  1. I think in this ocean of blogs you should be your own island… and live there, meaning write for yourself first and it will translate to someone, maybe moreone and thousandsone… unless you suck, and then, well I can’t help you, go fishing.

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  2. I really like your posts, they keep me motivated starting out blogging. I do trust that if I am passionate about my topic people will eventually start to listen. Thanks.

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  3. All that you have said feels very nice and from the heart. This is exactly how I would like to write all of the time.
    But the problem is that you come across so much advice about writing what your audience wants to read that writing what you want seems self indulgent.
    Having said that, I am still writing what I want since, as a newbie blogger who is not particularly active on social media, I don’t yet know who exactly my audience is and what they want to read.

    Further advice would be very welcome.


    1. There has to be a sort of balance. It’s a very subtle thing.

      The truth is that you write what you want. Someone hates it, you tell them to go to hell. You don’t even think about it. You just write whatever you want, how you want, when you want. But… that writing, the product of your passion, has an ideal reader. Someone who loves it very much. Someone you could be best friends with if you met. There are actually quite a lot of those around, no matter what you write about.

      Well, the trick is to then change stuff in a way that best pleases that ideal reader, while also writing what you want…

      So difficult to put into words.

      Most people write from fear; the fear that folks won’t like what they write. They operate out of scarcity. Well, this is just the opposite. This is abundance. You are offering. You are giving them information, entertainment, you are the type that always asks someone how their day was and actually listens and tries to feel their emotions. And you’re the type that writes stuff to make them feel good, solve a problem, reach a higher place in life.


  4. I love writing, and I have an ultimate respect for people who can not put their thoughts on paper. My son has a right hemisphere disorder and he is unable to write and has dysgraphia. He is my motivation to express all, tell it like it is and keeping it real.


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