Who Cares? No One

Hi there, I’m your reader. Thanks for the free content, but I just don’t care. This free content you’re publishing on your blog is worthless, because content about you is worthless to me.

Hello… is this thing on?

Selfish Blogging

We’re all selfish, aren’t we?

We love to talk about ourselves. We want to tell people how wonderful we are and blather on about how much they need us. We ramble incessantly about our achievements and our “adventures”. We’re all about us.

Want a tip? They don’t care about us. They care about themselves.

Let’s talk about you

For content to be effective, it has to be about “you” (as in them), not “me” (as in the blogger).

Most bloggers get this wrong, and every sentence (or almost) begins with “I.”

“I did this. I did that.”

They’re all “me, me, me.”

Don’t you hate it? Perfect strangers exhibiting their lives as if it’s meant to somehow mean something to someone living half a world away.

Yes, writing about your experiences can inspire and motivate others, but it can also be a huge mistake. It’s a balancing act that beginners should not attempt it.

Want a sure way to get people to read your blog?

Don’t talk at them; talk about them. People love to discuss themselves. They love hearing about themselves even more. They want to feel as if someone cares… someone who’s listening and acknowledging them.

People want to hear you hearing them.

You + Me = “We”

A good trick is to write your content as if you’re addressing readers directly, while focusing on their desires and needs. Don’t flatter your own ego by penning boastful descriptions of you and your life.

Show people you’re listening instead.

Write for the person on the other side of the ocean who happened to stumble upon your blog.

You understand them. You feel their pain. You know the suffering…and now you can offer the solution.

That’s where “we” comes in. Once you’ve established “you,” it’s easier to engage the reader and move into “we.”

Together, you and the reader become a team. Together, you’re solving the problem.

OK, now I’m listening.


16 thoughts on “Who Cares? No One

  1. It’s a great concept to write based on people’s perspective instead of writing about ourselves. However to do that we do really need to socialize and observe them but some people are not ready for that.

    It could be difficult but it seems more challenging isn’t it?


    1. I think you could get away with it if only you sit by yourself in a crowded place and just observe people.

      But this whole introverted, socially anxious type is kind of boring. Want to be a great writer/blogger? Get over your insecurities and just talk to people. They won’t eat you.

      P.S. That’s what I did, and it changed my life.

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      1. Even if someone is socially awkward? but what you’ve said is right.
        I do socialize with people but it’s usually ended in awkward tension or people see you as a bad person.

        But I tend to get along with shopkeeper at my favorite and being friendly to strangers.

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      2. I used to be like that. And it’s funny cause all I did at first was tell jokes. Like I’d read jokes at night, and then go to school and tell jokes. And then you kind of get better.

        It’s just a skill. Social skills can be taught, can be hacked, and you get better in time.

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      3. That’s it! sense of humor. People love telling jokes. I’m usually enjoy making people laugh at my joke and it makes me happy for them.

        Creating a character who is completely opposite to the author seems more challenging but fun rather than creating a character based on self-insert, isn’t it?

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  2. Sad but true in most cases. Though this fails to realize the fact that sometimes people do care about your adventures. Some people are actually interested in what you have to say. Unfortunately, these people are rare and hard to come by.

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