What Is Creativity?

What is creativity? It’s one of those deceptively simple questions.

What does it mean to be creative?

Well… create is a verb. Creative thinking without execution is not creativity. Also, I personally feel that true creativity results in something useful to others. Something that either solves a problem, entertains, or helps us connect with other fellow human beings.

What do you think?


19 thoughts on “What Is Creativity?

  1. I agree. End products are what matter. There was once a programme that involved lots of scientific types being asked to fashion something, that would be able to perfom a certain task, from junk. I think it was called Scrap-Yard Challenge. That was creative.

    Oh, and by the way, could you drop in on my e-book and see what you think?


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  2. To be creative is to be productive. But what does to be productive mean? If no one likes what you do, does that mean you are not productive? Was Johann Mendel not productive during his lifetime then? If everybody loves what you do, then does that mean you are very productive? Was Hitler productive with his racial ideas then? So then, do right and wrong matter if one has to be productive, that is creative? If right and wrong matter, then is that not an artificial restriction on creative freedom? If creativity needs absolute freedom, then is there no right and no wrong in creativity? Then, are violent video games, continuous exposure to which has been proven to increase violent tendencies, creative and right? Is objectification of women in movies and other popular media right? Is sexualisation of children too right? This seems too complicated. The only answer that we can come up with is that creativity needs freedom, but with freedom comes responsibility, which is is a questionable trait in humans.

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  3. Creativity, I believe, is at the very essence of our very personal natures. If raised in a Christian/Judaic home a person is taught that we, and the whole of everything around us, were created by a God who in turn created us in his “image.” Thus, if we were created in the image of a powerful creator, then we must be creators. All of us. A creator takes the elements available and changes them into something of greater value, be it physical or spiritual value. It is the subject of discussion this whole month of June at “All Things Espirational (www.espirational.net).”

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  4. (Don’t quote me, I’m not a dictionary lol)
    Creativity, as far as I can see, is the quality of those who create. It can be a song, a poem, a short story, a novel, or even a new recipe for chocolate cake. As long as they are creating something that others can read/listen to/look at/eat, etc.

    It’s a good standard to hold oneself to, especially for those who write – you can have as many ideas as you want, but unless you’re actually creating… you’re not really a creative. You’re a thinker, maybe. I’ll have to think more on the ideal term for that.

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  5. Wow…so informative..going to go through all your posts tomorrow. I love blogging so much, will love to get better at it. So glad I came across your blog😊

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  6. I think creativity can also be seen as a gift. It can be an individuals personal flair or perspective. How they use that skill is a different topic. I think it is open to interpretation and that is the beauty of it x

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  7. Creativity, for me, is very personal. If someone is being creative at something, he must be really into it. If you don’t love that thing, you can’t be creative. And by being creative is trying to be unique in your creativity and simply being you. Thanks for sharing x

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  8. I think history is full of creative ideas and inventions that went amiss, some were completely wrong (i.e. ancient Greek ‘Emission Theory’ where it was believed that light was emitted by the eyes enabling sight) and others didn’t prove productive until much later (such as many inventions and scientific hypotheses). But even the incorrect ideas helped pave the way to the correct ones, so they weren’t exactly unproductive, though, I still don’t understand why they didn’t realize emission theory was wrong by the first nightfall. Anyway, it isn’t truly possible to know if something is an absolute fail or productive as that must be determined on a moment by moment basis and its status could change at any time.
    This could easily become an “If a tree fell in the forest” question. 20 years ago it occurred to me that custom printing t-shirt vending machines in bars could be very lucrative but I didn’t actually try it to find out, was the idea still creative?

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  9. I believe I creativity is the act of bringing your inspiration and imagination to life, whether it’s through acting, singing, dancing, drawing, writing, ect.

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  10. I like the question 🙂
    A quick Google search yields this dictionary definition:
    “The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.”

    Like you said, creativity is *the use* of creative resources in order to create something. I agree with you that it might be something that helps others, but in that I think that we should keep the definition of ‘to help’ very wide. For example – how does drawing help others? In the long run, I think it enriches both the life of the individual and the lives of a society as a whole, however a single painting has a minute effect (but it still does have an effect!). Anyway, just a thought…

    Bottom line – great question. Food for thought. Thanks!!!

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