How to Find The Right Words

Have you ever struggled to find the right words? As if you knew in your heart what you wanted to write, but just couldn’t translate all that you felt into words? As if something always got lost between your head and your fingers?

And this is even more frustrating because how you write determines what your readers understand.

If you ever struggled to find just the right words, arrange them in the right order, and get your point across to your readers, here are a few tips for producing great content even when it feels like your brain is against you.

Do you know what you want to say?

Before you write, you need to know what you’re going to say. Are you struggling because you don’t have a clear idea of the point you’re trying to make?

In media res

You might find it helpful to begin with the “meat” of your article.

Come back later to craft a killer headline and introduction.

Again, this works because your focus is on your point rather than your presentation.

Walk it off

Maybe you just need a break. Walk away, do something else. Rest your brain. Come back refreshed and ready to go.

Some of the greatest ideas in history have been arrived at on a zen-like stroll.

Say it out loud

Imagine a friend is asking what you are writing about. What would you say?

You have to make sense of a problem in your own mind in order to explain it to someone else.

Rewrite the living life out of it

In most cases it is harder to get “something” written than it is to polish, so just try to dump the basics out of your head and onto paper and work on perfecting it later.

While some people seem to be able to write perfect prose on demand, the rest of us mere mortals have to work within the limitations of our imperfect grey matter. Hopefully these simple tips will help you next time you are in a fix.

What do you do when your brain locks up? Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “How to Find The Right Words

  1. Your last point is definitely true. A writer friend once told me to just sit down and type. Don’t self edit as you go. Spit it out and then go back through and edit and re-write. That is what works best for me. Some days are better than others of course, but at least the words come out!

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