YouTube Giveaway

Happy first of June, kids!

Let’s start this month/summer properly, right?

I have decided to host a YouTube giveaway.

What can you win?

Simple: I am giving away access to The Blogging Bootcamp, my best selling (and most complete) course.

This Bootcamp, I mean.

Oh, and I am also “giving away” a detailed written feedback on your blog. I am going to take a look at your blog, go through your content, read your posts, and then offer some tips and tricks on what you can do to improve it.

There are two such prizes: one is going to be randomly selected from all those who take part in the giveaway, and the other one is going to be chosen by me.

How? Well… for that you need to read about what you have to do to take part in the giveaway. Don’t worry. It’s a super simple, two steps type of thing:

  1. Subscribe to the channel. Click here to do so.
  2. Comment on this video right here.

This video, I mean.

That’s it. I am going to select the winners Sunday. Also, the one I am going to pick is going to be the one person who has the best comment: something clever, funny, or even the type of feedback that would greatly help me improve my YouTube channel.

So, yeah, click here to head over to The Art of Blogging YouTube Channel and subscribe.



The Art of Growing Your Audience in 2020

Today we’re breaking down all of the best ways to get more blog readers, turn them into avid fans, and the smartest ways to take advantage of social media to build an audience for your blog.

This is a rather extensive list of the 25 best ways to grow your audience in 2020, so if you wish to download the post, you can do so below:


The most common question I get from fellow bloggers is, “How do I get more readers?” 

Honestly, I’d like to tell you that building a community around your blog is as simple as writing great content, the truth is that growing a blog is a bit more nuanced than that.

Getting more readers for your writing takes a lot of dedication, time, and energy.

It’s not just about content, but also about community.

The strategies I’m sharing with you are the culmination of 8 years of trial and error growing my blogs to over 180,000 engaged readers. These are proven tactics that I still put into practice myself — and cost little more than time, hard work, and a bit of creativity.

Without further delay, let’s get into the best strategies on how to grow an audience for your blog in 2020.

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[Blogging Mindset] Never, Ever, Ever Give Up

“What saves a man is to take a step. Then another step.”  —  C.S. Lewis

When asked how he writes so fast, Stephen King answered, “One word at a time.”

This is the kind of answer that no one believes in. And the fact that there’s an abundance of related cliches doesn’t help either.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Or something like that. The Great Wall of China was built by laying one brick after another.

It is not the mountains to conquer that make you give up, but rather the pebble in your shoe.

All cliches. Terrible, terrible cliches that we can’t help but fear and loathe at the same time.

Want to know why?

Because they are so damn true. Continue reading “[Blogging Mindset] Never, Ever, Ever Give Up”

On Racism, Oppression, and The Need to Do Something About It

I believe that right now, in the face of obvious oppression, a lot of you would like to act, but don’t know how.

Or you think that you acting wouldn’t make much of a difference.

But it does. It does make a difference.

And I’m not talking about posting some picture on Instagram. I believe we should be doing a lot more than that, from changing our own beliefs and mindsets, to actively doing something about it.

This week, I encourage you all to donate to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

You donate any amount you see fit to any of these causes:

Besides donating myself, I will also do the following:

If you donate any amount you are comfortable donating, I will be offering you a free e-copy of The Art of Blogging e-book and twice the amount you donated as a discount on any of my e-courses.

So, if you donate $50 to one of the above causes, you will receive a $100 discount from me.

All you have to do is make a donation to an organization supporting Black causes and forward your receipt, “donation,” to

Also, as you know, I am no longer taking one-on-one clients.

But… if you donate $100 or more to an organization supporting black causes, I will be offering you a one-on-one Skype/Zoom/FaceTime session for free.

Don’t wait, don’t think about it, and donate, if you’re able to. It’s time to act, not just post a picture on social media.


Thank you so much for reading,


First donation is in.

Are you going to act?

[YouTube Video] The Seven Deadly Sins of Blogging

If you want to become an artist of blogging, you need to be aware of the most common (and harmful) mistakes that one can make when creating content, engaging with their readers, or when networking with other bloggers.

Today, we’re analyzing another one of my most popular blog posts, The 7 Deadly Sins of Blogging.

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Why Emotional Engagement is Essential to Building Your Brand As a Blogger

In today’s ultra-connected, information saturated online landscape, building a successful blog goes beyond simply producing content.

It’s no secret that many folks seek to build relationships with the bloggers they follow, so how does one go about creating and nurturing an emotional connection with an audience?

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If You Love The Art of Blogging, You’ve Got to Read This Post


Cristian here. I know how valuable time is for you, so I’ll will keep this brief.

Besides, I’m not much for mind-numbing marketing gimmicks, so I’ll just say this:

This book right here… it’s worth it. It’s worth the time you will invest reading it, it’s worth the price, it’s worth putting in the effort to take advantage of all the tactics and tips that I share within its pages.

I mean it… $14.99 for the best advice and blogging strategies that I have used and still use to this day. The things that matter. The things that are going to help you grow your blog, write epic content, and enjoy the journey so much more.

So, yeah… that’s it.

This was my sales pitch.

You can grab your e-copy by clicking this link here.

[Blogging Mindset] One Man’s Ceiling is Another Man’s Floor

It was a struggle. Crazy Romanian kid, doing his best to write in a foreign language. A post every two or so days, maybe it wasn’t a lot, but it was taking me hours and hours of work, of editing, of doing my best and yet still feeling as if there was more.

I could do more, I could do better.

A few months later, I was blogging on a daily basis. This was the dream; what I thought of as the pinnacle of blogging: one new blog post every single day. No days off. No time to celebrate, to act lazy, to grow complacent.

But then I decided that I wanted to do more. I wanted to start a new blog, an online magazine dedicated to promoting aspiring artists.

I raised money, started a new website, learned all sorts of new things, wrote a few blog posts, said this was impossible, and quit.

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[YouTube Video] The Number One Reason You’re Struggling to Get New Readers As a Beginner Blogger

Ever wondered why it seems so tough to go from 0 to your first hundred readers?

No, it’s got almost nothing to do with the quality of your work.

The truth is that it all comes down to one simple factor, the same one that influences how many comments you receive, or how many share your posts.

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Content Creation: 7 Phenomenal Tips That Are Going to Revolutionize The Way You Write Blog Posts

If you’re passionate about blogging, odds are that you’ve read articles, guides, or enrolled in blogging courses. Now, most of the advice regarding content creation is rather lukewarm.

After all, quality is subjective.

But the road you have to take in order to produce quality content is not.

That’s why I am going to share a few ways to think about your posts that are going to revolutionize the way you create your content.

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The Art of Blogging is HERE!

This e-book is going to blow your mind. Really, really, really.

I’ve spent the last three months working on it, trying to come up with the best strategies to share with you, and it’s finally here.

You can purchase by clicking this link here.

I am so, so tired right now, so I am not going to write a bunch of marketing stuff to get you to buy it.

It’s good stuff. It’s the same kind of advice I wish I had access to a few years ago. It’s the culmination of eight years of blogging, and two years of blogging about blogging. Yeah.

So click on this link here and grab your e-copy today.

P.S. Those of you who pre-ordered it should have received an e-mail about it going live. If not, go check the product page, and you should be able to download it. If you have any trouble, do not hesitate to e-mail me at

P.S.2 Robert Bruce is the lucky winner of a one-on-one session with me. I already sent you an e-mail. If you haven’t received it, do send me an e-mail, so we can get started!